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Queen of Herbs Tulsi or Holy Basil

English: Holy Basil

Latin: Ocimum sanctum (“sacred fragrant lipped basil”)

or Ocimum tenuiflorum (“basil with small flowers”)

or Ocumum gratissimum (“very grateful basil”)

Botanical Family: Lamiaceae (mint)

Hindi: Tulsi

Tamil: Tulasi

Holy Basil has a long tradition of use in Ayurvedic medicine and is a well-known sacred plant of the Indian subcontinent. Holy Basil has been called

the “Incomparable One”, the “Queen of Herbs” and “The Elixir of Life.”  I

t has many health benefits.

Tea, dried leaf, extracts and supercritical extracts of Holy Basil are now available. This herb will allow the body to physically adapt to the many stresses of modern life. It will correct internal imbalances and strengthen the body’s biological disposition toward health and well-being. It will also aid meditation and psycho-spiritual well-being.


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